The Edelcoin Basket

Edelcoin is backed by a basket of precious and rare metals that are used in industries such as medicine and medical research, electronic and semiconductor, aerospace, military, energy, telecommunication and navigation. Due to the advancement in those industry, there is a growing demand for such metals. Supplying such metals implies mastering complex production processes needed to ensure for instance high degree of purity.
Backing a stablecoin with such metals provides benefits which include low volatility, given that only real commodity trading exists and valuations are dependent on the quality which is established by specialised institutes are regular intervals or ad hoc, but certainly not as frequently as the case for financial instruments or high frequency real commodity trading. The low volatility of Edelcoin is further re-inforced by the basket nature of its underlying. As shown in the graph, the basket nature of the underlying provides further low volatility, even over several years. We expressly hint however at the fact that past price development is not a guide for future price developments.
Copper Isotope, Nickel Wire (NP1, NP2), and Caesium 133 are unique materials with distinct applications and supply circumstances.
1. Copper Isotopes:
Copper isotopes, especially Copper-63 and Copper-65, have extensive applications in medicine, biochemistry, and as a tracer in chemical and physical experiments. They are also used in the production of radiopharmaceuticals and for diagnostic procedures in nuclear medicine. The supply is characterised by complex and costly extraction and purification processes.
2. Nickel Wire (NP1, NP2):
Nickel wire, particularly the high-purity NP1 and NP2 grades, is used extensively in electronics, aerospace, and energy industries due to its high melting point, resistance to oxidation and corrosion, and excellent thermal and electrical properties. The supply (mining) is characterised by geopolitical risks.
3. Caesium 133:
Caesium 133 is primarily used in atomic clocks, which are the most accurate time and frequency standards known. Its applications also extend to the telecommunication and global navigation satellite systems. The supply of this metal is characterised by the fact that it is one of the scarcest elements on Earth.

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