Edelcoin for Business

Rewards with Edelcoin

Edelcoin provides a dependable solution for incentivizing employees and recognizing achievements, offering stability through its underlying basket of metals. With Edelcoin, companies can reward their workforce with a reliable and valuable asset, ensuring the appreciation of their efforts while maintaining stability in the reward system.


As a payment token, Edelcoin enables seamless and secure settlement of accounts between parties, ensuring efficient transactions. With Edelcoin, businesses and individuals can easily and reliably settle financial obligations, streamlining the payment process and reducing friction in transactions.

Store of Value and Inflation Hedge

Edelcoin's stability makes it an effective store of value and a reliable hedge against inflation. By holding Edelcoin, individuals and investors can preserve the value of their assets and protect themselves from the erosion of purchasing power caused by inflation. Edelcoin serves as a stable and resilient asset in times of economic uncertainty.

Proxy for Trading

In the dynamic world of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), Edelcoin can be used as a proxy for trading. Users can conveniently withdraw their profits from trading activities on DEXs in the form of Edelcoin. This provides a trusted and convenient means for traders to access their earnings and utilize them for various purposes within the Edelverse ecosystem.