Edelcoin's Key Milestones


Q4: The Edelcoin concept emergeds from the long-term collaboration between Edelweiss Capital AG and Swisscows AG. The focus was on developing a high-level concept and conducting a feasibility study.


Q2: Formation of Edelcoin AG as a tokenisation engine, and establishment of the core team. The detailed business case and project plan were developed during this phase.

Q3: The technical concept began to take shape, and the regulatory process was initiated.

Q4: Defining and resolving technical, regulatory, legal, and compliance aspects related to the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The final composition of the basket of metals was determined in collaboration with relevant partners. Evaluation and conceptualization of the Edelverse and its associated structures and services.


Q1: Completion of the ICO process and implementation of a Swiss-compliant ICO on the primary market. Initiating further setups and design of an Edelverse suite of products, and services.

Q3: Token sale launch on the primary market and commencement of token trading on the secondary market by primary market token holders.

Q4: Continued development of additional products and services within the broader Edelverse, with selected partners.


Ongoing developments and implementations of the Edelverse products and services with selected partners, to benefit token holders and foster organic growth.