Reserves Audits

At Edelcoin, we prioritize transparency and accountability in the backing of our token. To ensure the integrity of our asset-backed model, we have established a stringent auditing process. Our metal reserves are securely stored in high-security vaults and undergo thorough validation, verification, and audits.

These procedures and governance practices serve as independent verification of the presence and quantity of the underlying metals that support the value of Edelcoin. By partnering with reputable auditing firms, we aim to offer our users the utmost assurance regarding the security and authenticity of our asset reserves.

Through regular audits, we maintain a transparent and verifiable record of our metal holdings, ensuring that Edelcoin remains a dependable and trustworthy payment token. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of financial integrity and accountability, providing our users with the confidence that their investments are backed by tangible assets and subject to independent verification.