The Mission of Edelcoin AG

At Edelcoin AG, we aim to establish and reintroduce a stable payment method backed by tangible real-world assets. Through the tokenization of commodities, we unlock unprecedented possibilities for revolutionary use cases within the decentralized finance world.

We are committed to pursuing our mission within a Swiss-compliant framework. Our goal is to position Edelcoin as the leading stable payment token, becoming the industry benchmark.

By engaging in continuous sustainable practices and collaborating with certified eco-friendly resource extraction partners, we ensure a steady supply of real-world assets to augment the Edelcoin supply when necessary.

Leveraging our historical expertise in software development, we will persistently work with and advise partners in creating innovative and trusted services. Through these advancements, the ever-expanding Edelverse community can confidently participate in the journey towards secure and valuable solutions, ultimately contributing to the progress of our ecosystem.