Bug Bounty

The Edelcoin AG Bug Bounty program (organised in collaboration with the primary market transaction’s holders of Edelcoins) aims to strengthen the security and resilience of the Edelcoin by inviting security researchers, ethical hackers, and community members to identify and report potential vulnerabilities or bugs in the Edelcoin platform, smart contracts, or associated applications.

Participating in the Bug Bounty program allows individuals to actively contribute to enhancing Edelcoin's security measures and ensuring a safe and dependable user experience. As a token of appreciation for responsibly disclosing identified vulnerabilities, the program offers rewards in the form of Edelcoin tokens.

Edelcoin places great importance on the security of its platform and recognizes the value of engaging the broader security community to proactively identify and address potential issues. The Bug Bounty program encourages collaboration, responsible disclosure, and collective efforts to uphold the integrity and robustness of the Edelcoin ecosystem.

Through the Bug Bounty program, Edelcoin strives to foster a secure and trustworthy environment for its users, emphasizing transparency and continuous improvement in security practices. By collaborating with the Edelcoin community and security researchers, the program contributes to the ongoing development and fortification of the platform, ensuring the safeguarding of user assets and data.